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PSRL és a VSR közös Endurance kupája. Ez egy nyári 3 fordulós bajnokság csak. Szeptemberben a PSRL szervezésében elindul egy egész éves. Most ki tudod próbálni az autókat,segíthetsz a javításokban,hogy szeptemberben minden fullos legyen. 3 forduló, 2 kategória, kategóriánként 1 bajnok

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English regulation

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Software : rFactor

Official Schedule:

Qualifying: Thursday 19:00 – 21:00 & Friday 19:00 – 21:00
Warm Up: Saturday 13:45
Race : 14:00
Race Length: 4 hour

2016.06.11. - Barcelona - 4h
2016.07.09. - Daytona Road - 4h
2016.08.06. - Bahrain - 4h

Driving aids:
ABS: Off
Traction Control: Off
Auto Clutch : On

Fuel Consumption: Normal
Tyre Wear: Normal
Car Malfunction: Normal
Damage: 30%

Driver Profile:
International name format, for example: First name Last name

One driver from the team have to complete the qualification, but if you want to another driver from the team can start the race. We will start the separately Qualifying server. On the server session will be Qualification and the 2 qualification day result will give the final start positions. Before the race, on the warm up, please do not take a lap and wait for the start position setuping by the Race Control.

Entering the championship:
In the championship one team should consist of two drivers. The team lineup and the car cannot be changed during the championship.

Entering the race:
The teams will be obliged to enter the car in a specific forum topic until a pre-specified deadline. Those teams who are not entering the race, or their entry was incorrect, they won’t get extra points for entering the race. A driver may be entered to only one car. Changing the entry will mean that the qualifying run result will be deleted. Entries are closed on thursday when the the qualifying starts, after that only the admins can change it. In some cases we cannot provide for all cars an opportunity to compete the races. Such cases may be: The number of entries has reached or exceeded the specified limit, so the qualifying will decide which cars can start on the races. The drivers will be judged on the basis of hotlap before the race.

Category Limit:
The teams can get the racing opportunity on the qualification. The teams have to take a lap times under the time limit.
On the race 35 car can start (maximum: 15 P2 car, 20 GT car). We reserve the right to change. Which team do not get the start license for the race, they get the reserve status and before the race will get information about the changes.

Race Participation:
The drivers need take 20 lap on the practice server for the start license until the warm up.

Driver Change:
The teams must do a driver change once in the race via rFactor.

Start procedure:
Every race start with a formation lap. In the formation lap you have to maintain the safety car pace. The end of the formation lap you have to be in formation and maintain the safety car's pace and you must not overtake before the race start signal. The drivers have to maintain a safe gap between each other because of the tyre and brake warming is a risk of accident. When a car is spun out, crash or hit out in the formation lap, the suffered car have to go to the last position of your category, you could not go back to your original position.

General Driving Rules:
All time you must keep the general driving rules.
• Not allowed cut the track, chicanes or shorten the track.
Cutting is when leave all four wheels off the track.
• The track is boldered with continues white line. Between the white lines you have to keep your 2 full surface of wheel. In case of your 3 wheel left the track then your lap is invalid.
You can use all the curbs, but you cannot came from it.
On the tracks when you can use the curbs with four wheels then you can leave the white lines.
If you have a question, please ask the Race Director in the forum.

• It is not cutting if you cleary you make a mistake, spin or let somebody you pass.
• You have to use the pitlimiter in the Pitroad, otherwise the game will punish you automatically. The pitlane is between in the white lines. The pitlane is part of the racetrack, so the rules are the same.
• You must not have to gain advantage with hit out somebody.
• You must not zigzag or change direction more than one time.
• You must not endanger another drivers. Who is offend this rule then the Race Director can disqualify from the race or qulification.
• You must not go to the wrong way.
• You must not reverse ont he racetrack. You can reverse in case of you slide out of pitbox or int he track when you are in situation where you need to come back to the racetrack safely or you can avoid the accident.
• In case of lags the lagging driver is not fully protected. The Race Director can disqualify anybody who has over 300ms latency on the server.

Additional Rules:
- If the server have technical difficulties then we will start new race start procedure.
- If your car have a serious damage and you can’t complete the race, please leave the track and the server.
- In Practice if you start the formation lap, don’t try the slipstream or hold up the another driver.

Rules for the lapping and overtaking:
During the Qualification in case of overtaking the slower driver stay on the line in the straight and you can’t suddently change your line. If the faster driver approach the slower driver before the corner then slower driver have to keep space to the faster driver. Don’t disturb the driver who is on fast lap. When you are going to be lapped, you have to let the lapping cars as quickly as possible. Please be patient at lapping. The headlight using is not allowed, but you can use the headlight for the warn each other and you must turn the headlight on for the lap before pitting and when you are leaving the pit, you have to turn the headlight off. When the Race Director give permission then you can use the headlight. If you use the headlight unnecessarily then the Race Director will have penalty.

After the race Race Control will publish the official replays. You can report from the replay in the next 48 hour.
The Race Director can check the qualification laps and if you have a invalid lap then you will get 5 point penalty. The general rules are not valid for all situation. The final desion will be made by Race Direction.

Point System:
The points scored by categories. The drivers have to complete the 80% of the race to score the points. You can’t score the point below it.
1. 25
2. 18
3. 15
4. 12
5. 10
6. 8
7. 6
8. 4
9. 2
10. 1
+2 for start, +2 for finish
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